July 8, 2015

Draw, design, and publish your first coloring book........................ Check!

Begin plans for book two........................................................................................ Check!!

Yep, that'ts right. My very first coloring book has been drawn, designed, proofed, published, and is now available to all you wonderful people!
I am BEYOND excited about this. 

Check it out here

Don't forget to send me pictures of your finished coloring pages! I will feature some of them on a blog post here sometime :) send them to leannallenart@gmail.com

So besides enjoying the amazing ways my art is being shared and colored, what am I up to now?

Well, life is busy! Me and my family (my wonderful husband, the bundle of joy inside me, and my parents and sister) are moving down to North Carolina! My husband is already there finding us homes, and we will join him early August. 
We are so excited for this new start. 

Until then, I have a lot of free time on my hands for the rest of July. I am working as a nanny part time three days a week, but the rest of my time is going to be spent soaking up and splattering out my creative juices! 

I have so many projects going on! I have been very busy working on artwork and projects for my little boy's nursery :) It is nautical themed. 
It will be dark blue, with anchors and whales and such all over. 

Here is a cute little whale I made out of some old blue jeans, it was a very fun and challenging project! I am very in love with this little guy.

I am gonna do some more sewing projects for my baby, and I have a couple signs I am working on to hang in his room. 
At some point I am going to get a life preserver, and paint his name on it, and then after he is born his picture will go in the middle :) Its gonna be adorable.

I am also in the middle of a couple of art commissions. (totally have room for more if your interested!)

And... Yes.... I am working on coloring book number 2! It won't be out for several months yet. I am still in the sketching brainstorming phase. But it is going to be even more amazing then the first! 
It will have more objects on each page, more for you to color, and less central, more spread designs. Plus, the theme is just so fun. Endless possibilities. 
Here is a sneak peak at one of the drawings I am going to be including in it:

The theme: Oceans!

Its gonna be awesome. 
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Well, that's all I have for you right now! Stay tuned, and happy coloring!

All my love
-Leann Allen

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